Hornbeam Primary School



Our governing body exists to oversee the running of the school. Governors are appointed from a variety of backgrounds to ensure a wide range of skills and expertise that will benefit the school. 

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors you can either contact him via post or hand delivery to the School Office, make an appointment through the School Office or alternatively contact him via email: corya@hornbeam.kent.sch.uk

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Adrian Cory - Parent Governor- Chair of Governors

My son started at Hornbeam in September 2017 and I was elected as a Parent Governor 6 months later. I am looking forward to the opportunity of being able to help the school develop and move forward throughout the coming years. I've been a Civil Servant my entire working life which provides a number of skills that will be extremely useful for this important and challenging role. 

Attendance at meetings 2021/2022: 100%


Claire Scholfield-Myers- Co-Opted Governor - Vice Chair 

Appointed July 2020

Attendance at meetings 2021/2022: 100% 

Rose Cope - Head Teacher

As head teacher of Hornbeam Primary school I am also a member of the governing body. I am responsible for the day to day running of the school and the governors act as my ‘critical friend’ – providing support and challenge in equal measure. I am proud of our school and I look forward to working with our governors to ensure each and every child receives the best education we can deliver.
Attendance at meetings 2021/2022 : 83%


Jo Malpass - Co-opted Governor

I was co-opted onto the school governing body in November 2013, to assist with the finance governance. I am a Chartered Accountant with 25 years of accounting and business background, and in particular to my governor role my experience is of value as it enables me to understand and interpret school data and results. I also have a daughter at Hornbeam and therefore have a strong interest in the performance and future of the school.
Attendance at meetings 2021/2022: 33%


Claire Burbridge - Co-Opted Governor

Appointed January 2022

Attendance at meetings 2021/2022: 33%


Robert White - Co-Opted Governor

I am a caretaker at a local primary school and have been involved in a number of large premises projects. As a local man with a family I am very interested in supporting education in this area. Working within a school provides me with insight and understanding of the complex demands placed on staff, families and pupils. I am keen to work as a governor at Hornbeam to ensure that it continues to grow and succeed for generations to come.

Attendance at meetings 2021/2022: 66% 

 Emma Jones - Staff Governor

I have been a teacher at Hornbeam for many years and a part of the Senior Leadership Team for the last few years, with responsibility for helping oversee Literacy and Numeracy as part of the standards team.  An important part of my role on the governing body is to represent the teaching and non-teaching staff, and to help the other governors to understand the day-to-day workings of school life in all its variety.  I also welcome visits from and discussion with other Governors who wish to see policy in action.

Attendance at meetings 2021/2022: 100%


Dipta Malik - Parent Governor

I've had a son in Hornbeam for the last few years - soon to be joined by his little brother!
With that being the case, I've got a strong interest in the performance of the school, from an academic, pastoral and extra-curricular perspective.

I hope to be able to make use of my experience as a small business owner for the last decade or so in this role and help the school develop and grow for the benefit of all the pupils and parents.

Appointed January 2022

Attendance at meetings 2021/2022: 100% (of meetings since appointed mid year)