Hornbeam Primary School



The History curriculum at Hornbeam offers all children the chance to discover the past at local, national and world levels. The selected topics capture their interest, encouraging them to gain curiosity and knowledge at an age-appropriate level. The topics offer strong links to other areas of the curriculum and to the wider community, including between home and school.  

The school takes advantage of the local environment and its rich historical past, offering excellent enrichment opportunities such as visits to Walmer Castle, Dover Castle and a developing partnership with the local History Project.  

As they move through the school, the children further develop key skills and build on previously acquired knowledge. The skills progressions closely match each topic to allow them to enhance their questioning and independent research skills as well as giving them a variety of platforms to demonstrate and share their growing historical knowledge.  

The History curriculum offers extensive opportunities for enriching Literacy skills and knowledge through the reading of quality non-fiction and fiction texts, alongside the use of the internet and other stimulating secondary sources. The topics form a springboard for speaking and listening and drama and writing, as well as the chance, in some classes, to celebrate high quality outcomes with parents and other visitors through class museums and displays.  

Topics by year group: 

YR-All About Me (changes-past and present) 

Y1-The Great Fire of London, Toys-old and new 

Y2-History Hall of Fame – including The Duke of Wellington, Transport in the Past 

Y3-Prehistoric Britain-Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, The Roman Empire and its effect on Britain 

Y4-Life in Anglo-Saxon Britain, Deal’s Shady Past 

Y5-The Vikings, WWII and its effect on the local area 

Y6-Ancient Civilisations-Greeks, Egyptians, Mining in the local area 

Useful websites: 


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zkqmhyc (KS1) 

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/zcw76sg (KS2) 



History Skills Progression