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At Hornbeam we use The Kent Primary Scheme of Work for Science (2014) which links with the key objectives from the National Curriculum. Teachers use this scheme to help plan science lessons so that all objectives are covered.

At the heart of our progressive curriculum is scientific investigation. Wherever possible, we intend to deliver lessons where children learn through varied systematic investigations, leading them to be equipped for life and to ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them.

Pupil voice indicates that the children enjoy the subject, especially practical investigations.

      - Y2 - I love science; it is my favourite lesson.

      - Y5 – It is my favourite lesson of the week. We always do practical experiments.

      - Y6 – I like practical science best and finding things out for myself.

Key vocabulary is displayed around the classroom and children refer to the class tool kit to reinforce their skills and knowledge. Previous knowledge is revisited at the start of each lesson and future knowledge discussed at the end in preparation for the following lesson.


Science Plan of Work

Science Skills Progression


Examples of working scientifically and practically


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  • Letters and Sounds